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Web design built just for small businesses

As a small business, you want to grow – to thrive – but you might feel like some of the tools to do so, like a beautiful website, are out of reach. At Gray Duck Digital, we are here to make a great website affordable to everyone! We built our company from the ground up with a focus on making fast, beautiful and user-friendly websites for the lowest cost possible. How we focus on small business

The fastest loading websites

Our websites are designed to load faster than 95% of the web Did you know you are probably losing customers because your website takes too long to load? In fact, many customers will abandon your site after just 3 seconds. The average website today takes several seconds to load, and some can take over 10. On the other hand, our websites load almost instantly on most connections! Why you need a fast website

You want your website to look great

You want your website to look great We focus on giving you the best value possible, but don’t worry – a great value doesn’t mean you can’t have a great looking website too. A good looking website makes you look more professional and reliable, and that first impression can help shape your customers’ experience, even the offline parts. Our portfolio

Your website, custom built, from $29/mo

Your beautiful website, custom built, from $29/mo Free revisions, free updates, hosting included. No Contracts We know that while you want a great looking, user-friendly website, you also need it to be affordable. That’s why we have low prices, inexpensive hosting and updates, and great monthly plans with no upfront costs or long term contracts. Check out our plans