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  • We feel we can build you a new site you and we both love – this means we need:
    • Great looking photos of your business
    • A reasonably close agreement on what your site should look like
    • Our subjective opinion that you are a good fit
  • You will use our (inexpensive and high-quality) hosting service, so we can insure your site is super fast
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Why we changed our nameHey everyone, For existing clients and any prospective clients who happen to notice, changing our name may seem odd. I just wanted to explain why we made that choice, as well as a few changes going forward.

Professional vs Fun

While I really liked the name and logo for Freezing Penguin, it didn’t represent what we do aside from being memorable. It did allow for some other fun details, though, like my title being “Penguin in Chief,” which doesn’t work as well for Gray Duck Digital. Gray Duck Digital blends what we do into our name in a way that didn’t flow well with Freezing Penguin. It shows our Minnesota pride (everyone else says “duck, duck, goose” instead of the obviously superior “duck, duck, gray duck”) in a way that the old name didn’t. I mean, when’s the last time you saw a penguin in Minneapolis? At the zoo.

That Logo

I am really proud of the Freezing Penguin logo. It was cute, it was unique, and it was memorable. Unfortunately, it was a bit hard to deal with on the web. It wasn’t really high enough resolution in it’s native size. And it certainly couldn’t be saved as a vector. (more…)