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How much does a website cost?

Obviously, this depends on your needs. We specifically work with small businesses, with our process optimized for small websites, low cost, and the busy schedule of many small business owners in mind. We are careful to maximize your return on investment, both in time and money.
Our websites start at just $29/month, all in. This includes your website itself, a domain name, hosting, and a small number of updates each year. There is no long term contract, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Price Guide

Our plans

We offer three plans. All plans include:
  • Responsive Design
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • No Contracts
  • Premium Hosting
Basic Includes the above, with:
  • Free Content Updates
    • 2 per year
  • Custom Website
    • Up to 5 pages
    • 1 significant revision
    • 1 form
Pro Includes everything above, with:
  • Local listing management
  • Premium setup of Google Analytics
  • Free SSL Certificate Keeps your customers safe and secure
  • Free Content Updates
    • 6 per year
  • Custom Website
    • Up to 12 pages
    • 3 significant revisions
    • 2 forms
Premium Includes everything above, with:
  • A/B testing Optimize your site to better meet your goals using quantitative tests
  • Free Content Updates Unlimited minor updates
  • Custom Website
    • Up to 30 pages
    • Unlimited revisions
    • 5 forms

Cost compare

We fill the gap between do-it-yourself solutions and the high cost of a big design firm. A big firm will give you a nice site, but they charge around $5000 for just the basics – a little too expensive for many small businesses. On the other hand, DIY solutions you see advertised on TV will help you make a nice site yourself – but you still need to know what you want, have design skills and have the time. But just like Goldilocks and the bears, we might be just right for you – starting at $29 a month, we are affordable (even comparable to the DIY solutions), but like the big firms, we do the work for you.

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