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A company focused on small businesses

Being a small business can be hard. You don’t need another chore to sink time into. That’s why we focus on small business web design – we can ask you the right questions to get what you want the first time, and for a budget you feel comfortable with. And just in case something isn’t right, we do free revisions to resolve any issues – and best of all – there is no long term contract, so you’re never stuck if you don’t love the results!

Cost compare

We fill the gap between do-it-yourself solutions and the high cost of a big design firm. A big firm will give you a nice site, but they charge around $5000 for just the basics – a little too expensive for many small businesses. On the other hand, DIY solutions you see advertised on TV will help you make a nice site yourself – but you still need to know what you want, have design skills and have the time. But just like Goldilocks and the bears, we might be just right for you – starting at $29 a month, we are affordable (even comparable to the DIY solutions), but like the big firms, we do the work for you.

What we do

What we do

Absolute satisfaction guarantee

Gray Duck Digital want’s you to feel absolutely confident in choosing us for your new website. To achieve that goal, we have a few policies to protect you. First, we offer a money-back guarantee on all our work. While there are limitations on exactly what’s covered (ie. You can’t say you always hated your website years from now and expect a full refund), we really do want to be sure you walk away happy. We will never charge you anything for a design you are not satisfied with. We will always work with you to find a fair resolution to any issues that may arise in the future. Second, we generally do work on a quoted-price basis. This means that we will attempt to define your project to a reasonable degree, quote a price, and stick to it. We will never charge more than we quote, unless the scope of the project grows – in which case, we will discuss the change before doing the work. We know that most of our customers have no idea how long a particular task will take, so we don’t think it’s fair to charge an hourly rate. Finally, most of our work is done on a month-to-month basis. This means that regardless of any possible issue or disagreement, you are never committed to more than one month of service. We would rather find a resolution where we can keep your business – but if we can’t satisfy you, you can always walk away. Any IP not explicitly transferred to you remains ours, while anything you need to maintain your business (such as new domain names, etc) will remain yours and be transferred to you if we have possession.