Gray Duck Digital Logo patty
Hey everyone, For existing clients and any prospective clients who happen to notice, changing our name may seem odd. I just wanted to explain why we made that choice, as well as a few changes going forward.

Professional vs Fun

While I really liked the name and logo for Freezing Penguin, it didn’t represent what we do aside from being memorable. It did allow for some other fun details, though, like my title being “Penguin in Chief,” which doesn’t work as well for Gray Duck Digital. Gray Duck Digital blends what we do into our name in a way that didn’t flow well with Freezing Penguin. It shows our Minnesota pride (everyone else says “duck, duck, goose” instead of the obviously superior “duck, duck, gray duck”) in a way that the old name didn’t. I mean, when’s the last time you saw a penguin in Minneapolis? At the zoo.

That Logo

I am really proud of the Freezing Penguin logo. It was cute, it was unique, and it was memorable. Unfortunately, it was a bit hard to deal with on the web. It wasn’t really high enough resolution in it’s native size. And it certainly couldn’t be saved as a vector. The new logo isn’t quite as cute and unique, but it is much better suited to use on the web and in print. Being a vector from the start helps a lot. And, you know, it is still pretty cute. It looks great from very tiny to as large as you want. It says “digital” even when not paired with our name.

A more interesting url

With Gray Duck Digital, we were able to use as our url. This looks more modern and interesting than a .com, and leaves us with a very short, easy to spell url (other than gray vs grey, but more on that in a bit). is alright, but people have a surprisingly hard time spelling ‘Penguin’, and the url itself didn’t give even a hint as to whether we do web design or make snow cones 😉 One downside of the new url: people spell gray two ways, the other being grey. When I tell a client what my website is, I shouldn’t have to spell it out. So, we actually registered both spellings, and then redirect visits at to

Are these good reasons?

Honestly, I have no idea.
I definitely see upsides, but I have gone over some issues this causes above. I also don’t know how clients will react to a name change – but I’d rather do it now instead of when I have many more clients and a much more established set of reviews. I am excited for the change and I am trying to use this as a chance to rethink many aspects of the business. A few of the bigger changes include: Some of these items have been put off in day to day business, or in wanting to accept every client that was ready to work with us. We, like most small businesses, have accepted work we struggled with, and that lead to everyone being less happy than if we had simply said it wasn’t the right project for us. While we have kept almost all our clients quite happy despite this, we are turning a new page and looking to keep every single client absolutely delighted, because satisfied just isn’t good enough. Sincerely, Andrew Benson Chief Web (De)coder Gray Duck Digital